Integrations & APIs

Elovate integrates seamlessly with a wide range of payment platforms, CRM systems and APIs to help streamline your processes.

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Integration is key.

At Elovate, integration is key to all our services, enabling the smoothest processes for your eCommerce business or charity. We can review your system requirements to set up the right integration solutions for your needs, even developing solutions to integrate with new or more specialised platforms that we never have before.

Alongside this, we offer APIs to allow our clients to integrate seamlessly with our systems, providing real-time access to your data for insights, instant reporting, and more. We develop our own APIs, ensuring they are flexible and easy to use.

API Integrations

Through our APIs, you can take full advantage of our services whilst reducing operational overheads. Not only do APIs create consistency across applications and increase visibility, but they also provide access across all your payment and digital requirements.

We will work with you make API integrations easy, whether you’re totally non-technical or work as part of the IT team. One simple integration provides a completely hassle-free, hands-off approach to data management.

Our multi-lingual APIs allow you to add customers or supporters easily, update Direct Debits effortlessly and retrieve their status 24/7, in real time. For your peace of mind, our API solutions are GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and backed by full documentation.