Our technology supports all your relationships, processes, operational insights, and documents with ease.

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Driven by technology.

At Elovate, technology is at the heart of our operation, powering our eCommerce fulfilment and charity services. Our leading, state-of-the art tech enables you to streamline your operations and provide the best possible customer or supporter experience.

We offer a combination of platforms and tools, as well as integrations and APIs for our clients, so you can pick and mix the services you need.

Platforms & Tools

We have developed a range of custom platforms and tools specifically for charities and eCommerce businesses. From document scanning to customer relationship management (CRM), analytics and order management, the solutions we offer are comprehensive and varied.

  • home 3PL

    View and manage your orders, all in one place.

    home 3PL is our custom order management system, enabling you to add, edit or track orders and view data from our Warehouse Management System (WMS), OrderWise, providing you with total flexibility and control.

  • MiWorld

    Track & manage all supporter interactions across multiple channels.

    MiWorld acts as your charity CRM system, providing a single view of your supporters and offering a wide range of functionality. You can process donations, place orders, integrate with other platforms, and more.

  • Hub

    View, edit & manage all your Direct Debit or Card payments.

    Hub is our digital document storage solution, giving you full viewing rights to all the documents that Elovate scans for donations and regular giving, including digitalised, processed, and banked cheques.

  • Echo

    Manage & monitor campaign performance and track KPIs.

    Echo is an analytics tool designed to provide charities with in-depth information on how campaigns are performing, including campaign responses, donations, and what has been banked over time.

Integrations & APIs

Elovate offers hassle-free integrations and APIs, with our expert team supporting you at every step.

Our range of integrations enable the smoothest processes for your business or charity. We’re continually exploring new partnerships and integration opportunities, and even if your platform isn’t something we currently support, we’ll work with you to make it possible.

On top of this, our APIs allow you to take advantage of our services, creating consistency across applications and providing a greater deal of visibility, as well as access across all your payment and digital requirements.

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