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Why Outsource Your Charity’s Supporter Response

Is your charity’s supporter-response as prompt, proactive, and effective as it could be?

Do your charity’s supporter teams have access to the latest technology and digital innovations? Or do you struggle with resources and could do with some help from charity experts.

In a recent blog we shared 10 classic signs indicating that your charity might want to start thinking about outsourcing its supporter response. If your charity teams are overstretched and it’s starting to affect not only staff morale but the charity’s performance and the supporters’ experience, then it might be time to think about outsourcing.

Here are just some of the benefits of outsourcing:
  • More time for managing, planning, forming and delivering robust strategies and campaigns
  • Efficient turnaround time of 72 hours from post-in to supporter-communications-out
  • Less firefighting, better performance in terms of speed and efficiencies
  • More time to manage and support your team, resulting in higher motivation levels
  • Flexible resource for your overflow, emergency, and one-off campaigns as well as everyday
  • Improved supporter experience, increasing loyalty, retention, and giving rates
  • Contingency planning and disaster recovery support when you need it the most
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience within the sector, with dedicated Account Managers who will help you thrive
  • Industry-leading security, accreditation and compliance
  • Access to the latest charity-sector technology to keep you well ahead of the curve, saving you time and costs
  • Charity-expert digital innovations on a plate, we will help you modernise and expand your fundraising tool kit

Tannis Madison-Carty, General Manager at Elovate, said:

‘Having worked at Elovate for over 12 years, I have seen for myself how our state-of-the-art solutions have helped charities to turn around their underperforming charity response, taking the charity to a higher level altogether. Being part of a wider company group* also means that we are in a unique position to offer the most comprehensive response solutions to UKs charity sector today.’

Some of the services we offer at Elovate:
  • Response handling
  • Raffle processing
  • Charity Trading Fulfilment
  • Head Office Support
  • Membership and Sponsorship processing services
  • Digital scanning and personalised print on demand
  • Direct debit management and payment processing for charities
  • Data strategy and insight

If this is ringing bells with you, maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing your charity response. Switching to Elovate as your charity’s partner for outsourced response is easy, quick and painless.

As a company group, Elovate have worked with over 250 charities of all sizes for some 45 years, and we have a team of over 20 IT developers in house, constantly innovating to streamline processes and help you thrive.

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