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Why Elovate use real-time reporting

In our ever-evolving digital world, understanding the interconnectivity between smart devices and their human operators is key for any eCommerce business.

Both in trying to identify consumer habits and in seeking to prevent any potential long-term blockers to purchase.

Via the use of real-time analytics eCommerce businesses open themselves up to actionable insights that have the power to transform entire operations through informed data-driven decisions come uplifts effectiveness and ultimately lead to a structured framework for future activities and business success.

When approaching operations with an analytical mindset, real-time data visualisation points can be collected showing the users journey, highlighting any pain-points within the acquisition process, where, if found they can be quickly resolved and the customer experience not just improved, but enhanced.

The opposite can be said of those not utilising data analytics. In competitive and evolving marketplaces failing to rapidly respond or adapt to any encountered issues or changes within user habits, will leave the customer with a poor experience, perhaps feeling forgotten and seeking to buy elsewhere.

Through real-time reporting eCommerce business can empower the customer, leveraging countless actionable insights to refine a campaign strategy that better understands the individual, that targets and serves them in the best way possible and ultimately outlining campaign expectation.

Real-time reporting metrics can be applied across any channel and an almost inexhaustible amount of information collected, data that when passed to Elovate can be analysed and processed into key trends to improve customer interactions, sales forecasting and campaign understanding.

With a quick and seamless setup, Elovate via our robust and secure IT infrastructure, can integrate cross-channel and with any major plugin or marketplace to receive and report on your sales data, returning accurate and analysed information ahead of those desired actions to be taken.

Elovate is proud to be recognised for our innovative approach to data, with reliability and exceptional performance bookending our service provision and providing real solutions that can benefit any mission-critical business process.

The technology and infrastructure employed at Elovate, facilities best-of-breed solutions across all the disciplines provided by the business.

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