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The Leprosy Mission Shop

Elovate supports The Leprosy Mission Shop with virtual gift fulfilment.

Elovate plays a huge part in helping The Leprosy Mission Shop by taking and fulfilling supporter orders for their Gifts for Life fundraising product.

We have provided The Leprosy Mission Shop with a range of charity trading and response handling solutions since April 2017. At one point, The Leprosy Mission Shop ran its own warehouse, then they used another fulfilment house. As the business grew, they needed more. The charity came to Elovate through word-of-mouth recommendation, given to them by one of our existing clients.

“What we gained in moving to Elovate was a more professional service. If, for example, you are buying a Gift for Life for £450 to finance a well for a community affected by leprosy, it’s important that your order is handled well, and the Gift for Life card actually arrives!”

– The Leprosy Mission Shop

Elovate offers a wide range of virtual gift solutions, allowing supporters to make a donation to their friend or relative as a gift. The cards:

  • Can be fully personalised, whether it is an e-card or physical card.
  • Are digitally printed on demand on-site, saving time and storage space.
  • Can be print finished and then fulfilled in-house.

Growing Gifts for Life

When The Leprosy Mission Shop first came to Elovate, they were looking for outstanding customer service and picking accuracy. Many of their customers need to make complex transactions and they needed a partner who could handle these seamlessly. For example, customers may want to order catalogue products, Gifts for Life, and make a donation in the same transaction.

“Gifts for Life has grown as a proportion of our revenue in recent years. This is a way for supporters to make a restricted donation to a particular project.”

– The Leprosy Mission Shop

Recently, Elovate has worked with The Leprosy Mission Shop so that customers can purchase an e-Gift for Life or a personalised Gift for Life. These are printed specially for each customer by Elovate.

Staying On Brand

Elovate’s contact centre staff take care of supporter orders for The Leprosy Mission Shop’s products and Gifts for Life. The Leprosy Mission have made regular presentations to the Elovate team, explaining how every product purchased, every Gift for Life sent, and every donation made, is a step closer to ending leprosy, 4000 years in. With our help, they can stop the transmission of leprosy.

“It is important that Elovate staff understand our values and reflect these in every detail of every transaction, so that everything is done on brand and in our tone of voice. Elovate have done this excellently.”

– The Leprosy Mission Shop

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