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The Children’s Trust

Elovate delivers comprehensive integration solutions for The Children’s Trust.

One thing that has become clear over the years and has almost become a mandatory element of any new set-up, is the need to ensure that information and data can be easily, quickly and efficiently linked with multiple systems and applications.

For example, our CGHub may need to talk to the client’s accounts system, their marketing and supporter admin CRM, bulk email broadcast applications, statistical and reporting systems or a hundred and one other systems and services. The list grows and changes year on year.

One client that needed more integration than most was The Children’s Trust (TCT). TCT were recommended to Elovate by their web design agency, Fat Beehive. A major precondition imposed on any supplier was the ability to integrate in real time with their CRM: ThankQ. At the time we had no experience or expertise whatsoever in doing that, but neither had TCT. So, we embarked on a mutual journey of exploration.

A Successful CRM Integration

With the help of representatives from the Access Group (ThankQ product owners), we put together a task force to prepare a plan of action. A key requirement was that all integrations must be in real time using API calls.

Elovate worked very closely with the team from TCT, which included representatives from marketing, fundraising, events, eCommerce, and finance – all of whom had their own set of requirements and, sometimes, conflicting needs and priorities. However, the team worked well together, and the project moved forward using test versions to iron out all issues and problems.

Now, all transactions made on the TCT website are fed in real time directly into the TCT ThankQ CRM. The benefits of this approach are immediate and obvious.

Adapting to Your Needs

This case study is not unique to TCT; the purpose is to demonstrate Elovate’s capabilities in adapting and developing new ways of working in partnership with our clients.

Since working with TCT, we have successfully implemented real time integrations with other CRMs, including Salesforce, ALMS, Donor Perfect and Donorfy. We believe that integrations of this sort will become even more important in the future and remain committed to keeping abreast of changes and advances.

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