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Serving International Customers with FHDDS Approval

Elovate is proud to be Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme (FHDDS) approved.

The FHDDS is a key regulatory framework for fulfilment businesses that store goods in the UK for sellers established outside of the UK.

As an FHDDS approved company, Elovate has HMRC’s approval to operate as a third country goods fulfilment business, in line with the Fulfilment Business Regulations 2018. This approval demonstrates our commitment to upholding strict standards of compliance.

What does FHDDS approval mean for me?

Our FHDDS approved status brings many benefits for international businesses.

Ensure compliance.

When it comes to selling and storing goods from overseas, there are various legal and regulatory aspects to consider. International clients can have confidence that this is all taken care of by Elovate as an FHDDS approved fulfilment house. We are dedicated to ensuring compliance across all our eFulfilment services.

Keep data secure.

FHDDS approved companies are required to implement robust data protection measures, and Elovate is committed to compliance as standard. We hold multiple accreditations that show we take data security seriously, including ISO 27001 and PCI DSS 3.2.1. We will keep your customer data safe.

Increase efficiency.

Working with an FHDDS approved fulfilment house, which has the capacity to handle goods and service customers both in the UK and overseas, offers a more efficient way for international companies to operate. At Elovate, we offer a streamlined eFulfilment process, taking that efficiency to the next level.

Mitigate the risks.

If a fulfilment house has not been checked or approved for certain regulatory standards, you are risking exposure to legal issues, disruptions, and instability by working with them. A company must be examined closely to receive FHDDS approval, and as we have been approved, you can rest assured that Elovate is a safe, risk-free option.

Enhance your reputation.

Reputation is important for any brand, whether international or UK-based, so it pays to choose a fulfilment house that holds FHDDS approval. This is a clear sign that the company is operating according to regulatory standards and leading the industry in compliance, having a positive effect on your own brand’s reputation.

At Elovate, we are privileged to work with a wide range of eCommerce brands operating in the UK and across the world. If you have any questions about our FHDDS approved status or would like to find out more about our eFulfilment services, please get in touch.

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