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Optimising online giving – the importance of leveraging new tools for enhanced donor experiences

In today’s digital age, the act of giving has transcended beyond traditional methods, evolving into a sophisticated process that not only simplifies donations, but can also be adapted to enrich the donor experience and boost fundraising success.

For charities, embracing new tools and technological developments is crucial for optimising online giving. Here, Elovate’s Managing Director – Charity Division, Scott Gray, explains how innovative tools can revolutionise fundraising efforts, ensuring that each donation has a lasting impact.

Embracing different styles: Personalising the online giving journey

The power of personalisation cannot be overstated in the context of online giving. By offering a variety of donation page formats that go beyond basic templates, Elovate can create unique and bespoke online giving pages for our charity clients. This approach not only aligns with charities’ branding and personality, but also resonates with their supporters’ sense of recognition and familiarity. The ability to “trial and test” different formats empowers charities to discover the most effective strategies for engaging with their supporters, fostering a sense of connection and belonging that can significantly boost fundraising efforts.

Tipping: Balancing transparency and encouragement

Introducing a “cover the fee” option can present a dilemma for charities. On one hand, it allows donors to contribute towards the external technology, payment and expertise costs that a charity experiences, ensuring that their entire donation goes directly to the cause. On the other side of the coin, it could potentially deter donors who are wary of additional charges. At Elovate, we believe that it is a choice for each of our charities to decide if they display this or not, but whatever charities choose, transparency in fees is a very strong component in building trust and helping to increase donation value.

Harnessing AI for smarter donations with amount changer

Elovate’s amount changer tool is a testament to the potential of artificial intelligence in fundraising. By dynamically adjusting donation amount prompts, this tool leverages machine learning to analyse the impact of different suggested donation values. Over time, it enables charities to fine-tune their approach, optimising the suggested amounts to maximise donations without impacting on the donors’ willingness to give. We are just starting to see the full potential of AI for donations and we will continue to innovate in this area where it has a positive outcome for our charities and their supporters.

Adding extra support and interaction with webchats

In an era where technology can often be accused of overshadowing the joy of human interaction, the integration of webchats within online giving pages can be a refreshing addition.

Supported by Elovate’s professional and experienced team in York, this feature offers real-time assistance to donors, addressing any queries they might have about the charity or the donation process. This blend of technology and the personal touch not only enhances the donor experience, but also reinforces the charity’s commitment to engaging with its supporters.

In conclusion, the tools mentioned above represent just a fraction of the possibilities available to charities using Elovate’s experience and technology to optimise their online giving. By leveraging these technologies, charities can not only improve the online giving process, but also strengthen their relationships with donors, creating a more impactful and fulfilling experience for all involved. As Elovate continues to innovate, the future of fundraising looks bright for our charity clients, with technology paving the way for more efficient, engaging, and empathetic donor experiences.

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