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O’Donnell Moonshine

Elovate offers order fulfilment expertise to O’Donnell Moonshine.

‘Moonshine’ dates back to the time of Prohibition in the USA, when there was a national ban on alcohol from 1920-1933. During this period, many people still produced their own alcohol illegally. Smuggling was rife. The illicit liquor was called Moonshine, and it was typically bottled in Mason-style jars to avoid rousing suspicion from the authorities.

Thankfully, the handmade spirits sold by O’Donnell Moonshine won’t get them in trouble with the authorities these days. Elovate is fully qualified to store, pick, pack and ship their products under our alcohol licence.

O’Donnell Moonshine originated in Berlin, launching in the UK after a chance meeting between its German founder and an old friend in Manchester from their university days. The company launched its products here in the UK in 2016.

When the brand first landed, it was a kitchen table operation. It soon scaled up due to healthy business growth and a thriving order book, and for this reason the company started looking for an eCommerce fulfilment solution.

Secure, Scalable Fulfilment

O’Donnell Moonshine chose Elovate in 2018 based on our experience and strong reputation in the alcohol fulfilment sector. Elovate has expertise in storing and transporting glass bottles and can provide support with packaging. We also work closely with our expert courier partners to mitigate damage in transit.

“It was essential for O’Donnell Moonshine to partner with a fulfilment company who could grow with us and understand the alcohol sector. We also really like Elovate’s other turnkey solutions, and we already tap into their print facilities on-site. We have worked with Elovate for two years and look forward to a long relationship with them.”

– O’Donnell Moonshine

Since launching with Elovate’s alcohol fulfilment service, O’Donnell Moonshine’s eCommerce business has continued to expand, and monthly order volumes are now more than five times what they were at launch.

As well as cost savings on shipping and staff, outsourcing their fulfilment needs has saved O’Donnell Moonshine time, which is better spent on growing their business.

O’Donnell Moonshine’s Offline Shops

Offline, O’Donnell Moonshine has a pop-up shop and sells a lot of stock at Christmas markets. They also stock physical retail shops throughout the year. In addition to the standard eCommerce fulfilment service, therefore, Elovate also prepares their wholesale orders.

O’Donnell Moonshine recently upgraded to Shopify Plus and the call-off of bulk stock into Elovate’s in-house IT systems was seamless.

In addition, the company has big plans for its offline operation now that COVID-19 is behind them. They have business alignment with one supplier to deliver this objective with a straightforward inventory system.

Continuing Growth

O’Donnell Moonshine commented that, if you are looking to grow your brand, it is vital to outsource so you can focus on more critical parts of your business. Partnering with Elovate means that you can spend less time packing and shipping orders and have more time to focus on plans to grow your company.

“By partnering with Elovate, we’re able to provide a great customer experience and have complete visibility of our order fulfilment.”

– O’Donnell Moonshine

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