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How do Virtual Gifts work?

Virtual Gifts are, in most cases, non-physical.

Typically, a supporter will select their gift from a menu of gift choices on the charity’s regular or one-off Virtual Gifts page on their website, each gift having a set price. This gift can be sent to whomever the supporter chooses, whether it is a member of their family, friends, a stranger, or even to themselves. The supporter will be presented with the chance to Gift Aid the gift when making the transaction. Once the payment has gone through, the recipient will receive confirmation, instructions on how to redeem the gift, also the single-use code for redeeming the gift. If the gift is meant for a specific date or occasion, delivery can be scheduled for a specified later date too.

Great Gift Aid*able option as economy cools

Non-physical gifts have the advantage that Gift Aid* can potentially be claimed, meaning that charities can currently claim an extra 25p on every £1 donated. Additionally, value-exchange gifts such as Virtual Gifts, also Raffles and Lotteries, are very popular with supporters. Perhaps in tight economic times such as these, with energy price hikes and rising inflation, supporters feel that they are getting something tangible back, such as buying someone a birthday present or sending a specified item to a person in need, whilst still actively supporting their charity.

Setting up and running your charity’s Virtual Gifts need not be painful

We understand that building your Virtual Gifts pages from scratch and then managing them might seem daunting, so we have designed our products to walk you through the process quickly, simply, and painlessly. We can help your charity set up Virtual Gift pages for your one-off as well as regular campaigns, building the pages with our Virtual Gifts Page Builder solution. We can also help you manage those pages if you like, and we can even handle any fulfilment aspects included in the transaction. We can personalise and dispatch physical cards to several recipients in one transaction; we can also collate gift and information kits and deliver physical gifts to the recipients. From Christmas cards to personalised greetings cards; from gift packages to printing and enclosing your charity’s information packs, we can handle it all seamlessly and painlessly for you.

For more information about our Virtual Gifts solutions and a no-obligation call to discuss your requirements, please contact us here.

*For more information about Gift Aid, see

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