Happy New Year from elovate 2024
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Hello 2024. Happy New Year

We extend our warmest wishes to all our clients, partners, staff, and suppliers for a year filled with happiness, prosperity, and good health. 

A century ago

This week, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on events from a century ago and draw parallels with the present in our conversations. 

  • One notable occurrence was the closure of Ellis Island as an immigration entry point to the US. Interestingly, in this election year, the topic of immigration remains a hot issue, especially as the UK government explores the possibility of opening immigration centres outside the UK. 
  • A century ago, the first Winter Olympics took place in Chamonix, France. While there are no Winter Olympics this year, we eagerly anticipate cheering on Team GB at the Summer Olympics in the same country. 
  • The strikes by London train crews a century ago resonate with the collective hope for a disruption-free year on our rail networks following the strikes of the past year. Fingers crossed for smoother journeys ahead! 
  • In historical geopolitics, Saint Petersburg, Russia, was renamed Leningrad, and the UK formally recognized the Soviet Union. Sadly, Russia and Ukraine remain in the news, with no apparent resolution to the ongoing conflicts in sight. 
  • Turning to cultural developments, the Sunday Express published its first British crossword puzzle a century ago, and this tradition continues to thrive both online and offline. 
  • The world has come a long way from the first photo facsimile sent across the Atlantic from London to New York. Today, platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others allow us to share images and videos globally in a matter of seconds. 
  • Lastly, a glimpse into the past reveals the most popular baby names with Mary, Dorothy, Helen, Betty and Margaret for girls and Robert, John, William, James, and Charles for boys. Interestingly, Charles is the only name poised to endure this year, while Olivia, Emma, Liam, and Noah are predicted to maintain their popularity in 2024. 

As we step into the new year, let’s continue to embrace change, celebrate progress and work together for a brighter future.  

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