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Elovate provides a seamless Direct Debit transition for Breast Cancer Now

Elovate’s Direct Debit processing and management service has been in operation for 22 years, supporting charities throughout the UK to collect and manage their Direct Debit payments.

When Breast Cancer Now (BCN) decided to change its Direct Debit service from not one, but two, different Direct Debit service providers to Elovate, we were quick to step up to the challenge, successfully migrating the Direct Debits of around 50,000 BCN regular donors into one, new streamlined service for the charity.

Right from the start, our expertise in the sector made Elovate an easy choice for BCN, as Donna Brew, Head of Supporter Care & Compliance at the charity explains: “We chose Elovate because they were able to accommodate our complex needs with ease. Any challenge we brought to them was easily resolved with their slick process and flexibility and there was nothing too difficult.

“Elovate’s CEO had such an impressive and detailed knowledge of the operation that it really built our confidence. We felt that if the senior leadership could answer such intricate questions, then that level of detail would be embedded in the company culture.  This was important because we were really looking to partner with a company that would support us to grow and be more efficient whilst doing so.”

With a significant amount of data from both separate Direct Debit service providers needing to be migrated into our system, we needed to ensure robust project management processes were in place from the start.  We liaised with the previous suppliers to receive donors’ banking data well ahead of the switch over date, and carried out what are called “silent claims” – where we check the system works with no payments taken – a month in advance. All our preparation meant that, by the time the deadline arrived, a smooth and on-time transfer took place with no break in claim schedules and no disruption to BCN or its donors.

It’s our experience that any significant supplier change, especially one where extra attention is needed with regards to the transfer of sensitive banking data, can be daunting for charities, but Elovate’s expertise and customer service soon alleviated any concerns, as Donna, explains:

“Elovate put a project plan in place for us and backed this up with regular get-togethers. The whole process was efficient, structured and helpful. We had clear meetings, clear guidelines and clear deadlines throughout – it was obvious that Elovate really knows what it’s talking about. Throughout the process, we felt that we had knowledgeable people on our side, especially for the areas that we wouldn’t have been confident dealing with ourselves, such as how to speak to banks and the banking process itself.”

BCN’s Direct Debit migration is now complete, with the charity reaping the benefits of simplicity and efficiency.  Donna, says: “Everything is streamlined now. We have one process, we have one file, and we have a very clear cycle of what happens next and at each stage. The Elovate team has continued to be so helpful if we have any queries or questions – but we’ve really had very few of these because the process itself has been so smooth.

“Aside from the streamlining benefits we’ve seen, it’s been really nice to be able to communicate to staff internally that we’ve got this new process, and it really works.”

Donna, concludes: “You can really trust Elovate to not only do what it says it will do, but to do more. It can be tempting as a charity to try and carry out some services yourself and to think you can do it better, or quicker, but actually Elovate does do it better, quicker and more efficiently.”

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