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Do you know your AUDDIS from your ARUDD or ADDACS?!

Understanding some of the Bacs Direct Debit language and why it is important is critical to managing your Direct Debit supporters.

This blog is one of three that looks at 3 terms often used when it comes to management and processing your Direct Debits.

AUDDIS – Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service

This is what you use (or your Bacs Bureau) to setup a new Direct Debit or an amendment to a supporters bank details. This will ensure when you come to claim the Instruction is all setup and ready to go. You will on occasions get some AUDDIS returns that will need to be investigated to make sure your have the correct details. Don’t process Direct Debits if the AUDDIS has been rejected, it will only come back failed!

Note: You have to be setup for AUDDIS, as there are still a few Direct Debit Service Users who still post mandates to the supporter’s bank. If this is you, it may be time to upgrade! (Chat to one of our payment experts if you would like to know more regarding Auddis migrations)

What to do if it’s rejected?

Most of the time the return will be due to the bank details you hold being Incorrect or Direct Debits not being able to be claimed from that bank account. The easiest way is to contact your supporter and ask them to check their sortcode or account number. There are host of other reasons, which can be found by looking at the Bacs Service User Guide & Rules.

Why is it important to get AUDDIS rejections sorted?

These impact your ‘no show’ rates and whilst the number of AUDDIS rejections should be small, each one not acted on is a loss of a regular donation, lottery play or membership payment. We have known some organisations who do not realise these types of rejections and therefore these fall through the crack – hopefully this note is a reminder to check!

Our second blog will be looking at ARUDD…

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