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Do you know your ADDACS from your AUDDIS or ARUDD?!

In this final feature post on Bacs Direct Debit reports, we take a look at the largest report:

ADDACS – Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service

The ADDACS report gives you information on cancelled supporters and also any bank account changes that will impact your Direct Debit claim files. This report is vital and all requests should be updated within three working days, but daily if you can.

You may have also seen the adverts for Current Account Switch Services, promoting supporters to switch with ease to another bank. These bank account transfers are all messaged to you in this report, so you can make sure your payment data is accurate and no donations, membership fees or lottery plays get missed.

Why is it Important?

Not only is it a requirement under the Bacs scheme rules to ensure all reports are dealt with, here are our top three reasons it matters to you:

  • You don’t claim for a Direct Debit when you know the Instruction has already been cancelled. This will reduce your bank fees and unpaid item processes – saving you time and money!
  • Amending bank details will ensure future collection success, meaning more money in the pot in the future 
  • Ability to contact your supporter quickly on cancellation, to thank them, and give them options to support you again – again, increasing the potential for more money 
Elovate – we take the hassle from you and keep on top of these reports for you, saving time and money

As a Bacs Approved Bureau, we manage all Bacs reports on behalf of our charities, making sure your Addacs, Auddis, and Arudd are all dealt with promptly, that correspondence is sent if needed, and reported back to you via our CGHub.

To learn more about the other two Bacs reports featured in this blog series, please click on ARUDD or AUDDIS.

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