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7 Top Tips for Effective Charity Response Forms

Did you know that something as simple as a well-designed Charity Response Form can have a significant impact on its success and the speed at which funds raised can be processed and banked?

There are two main benefits to well-designed forms. Firstly, a clear form can reduce the supporter-effort required to complete them, so your supporters are far more likely to fill them in right to the end – leading to better results for your charity. Secondly, the ideal form can be sorted far more quickly by our sophisticated and automated mail-handling processes, avoiding the need for manual interventions and exceptions, which take far longer than a machine.

Following a few quick and easy design guidelines can lead to faster processing, improved supporter experience, fewer exceptions, and less manual intervention – all of which mean faster banking, greater efficiencies, and quicker results all-round for you! So, what’s the secret to a well-designed form – read on to find out.

Our Top 7 tips for Well-Designed Charity Response Forms
  • Paper weight – 70/80 gsm
  • Matt finish
  • Ideal size is approximately 220mm x 110mm
  • Maximum size is A4 Simplex – with any data capture requirements on one side of the form only
  • Barcode of about 1cm square, avoiding proximity to the edge of the form or envelope
  • It should also contain the campaign code, media code, and customer details/URN as a minimum
  • One QR code only on the response device, as a maximum

By following these tips, you should find that your efficiencies increase. And if you are not sure whether your design makes the cut, we are always happy to check forms for our charity clients as a standard part of our service before anything is even printed off or sent out to their supporters. We will advise our clients on any tweaks that will improve performance and keep their costs down. Our approach ensures that only well-designed forms are sent to supporters, thereby delivering the best results for our clients and the best experience for their supporters.

Our Chief Commercial Officer (Charity Division), Scott Gray, says:

“We have the expertise to understand that small details, such as Charity Response Form design, can have a big impact on a charity’s bottom line. We also understand that charities need responses to be processed as quickly as possible.

We serve over 250 charity clients as a company group, so we are in a unique position to know what works best for the not-for-profit sector and we are always keen to share our insights and tips on trends because we are passionate about our charity clients’ success.”

If you would like to learn more about Elovate’s approach and how we could support you and your supporters, click here to get in touch.

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