Food & Drink Fulfilment.

We’ll delight you and your customers with effortless fulfilment services that nourish your brand and help you increase sales.

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We fulfil, you produce.

Whether you sell teabags, coffee, snack bars, wholefoods, organic chocolate, or mineral water (or all the above), Elovate can fulfil a diverse range of food and beverage consumables. With our help, you can produce more, sell more, and gain more loyal customers.

Experienced in fragile goods fulfilment, we’ll handle your products with the utmost care and ensure they arrive with your customers in perfect condition. In addition, we’ll use our omnichannel capability, eCommerce expertise, and integrations to encourage growth and optimise operations for your food and drink brand.

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Our Expertise

With our extensive expertise, we’d make a great fulfilment partner for your food and drink brand. We can offer…

  • Industry insights

    Our experience in fulfilment for the food and drink industry is comprehensive, so we’re the best possible people to support your brand.

  • Ambient warehousing

    Our clean, ambient distribution centre offers a consistent temperature for shelf-stable food and drink products, keeping them fresh.

  • Specialist packaging

    We specialise in handling glass items such as bottles and jars, using specialist fragile packaging solutions to ensure their safe arrival.

  • Organic certification

    Elovate has Soil Association Certification, enabling us to handle organic goods. We have worked with both Organic and Fairtrade brands.

  • Innovative technology

    We’ve developed simple software solutions for order management, payment processing, analytics & reporting, and more.

Our Process

Our food & drink fulfilment process is designed around removing your pain points and delivering a smooth journey for you and your customers, whilst giving you full control at every touchpoint. We’ll empower your online business to grow your sales, delight your customers, and optimise your operations in five simple steps.

Food & Drink Fulfilment by Elovate

Our eFulfilment solutions are tried and tested, built on years of experience. You can trust our team to deliver your products to customers in the same pristine condition that they arrived with us in. We’ll quickly pick, pack and dispatch orders, with 99.99% pick accuracy and 100% same day dispatch on forecasted orders.

On top of this, we’ll ensure that you have total visibility and control over your stock; we know that food and drink come with extra considerations like expiration dates, so we operate strict FIFO and batch control.

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Why Elovate?

With Elovate, you will not only benefit from a committed team of people dedicated to your brand, but also a whole suite of state-of-the-art technology to drive fast fulfilment. Always innovating, our solutions are future-proof and adapt to your needs as they change over time.

Whether your goal is to feed the 5000 or 500,000, we’ll scale up to support you. Get in touch to find out how we can help your food and drink brand satisfy customers, increase sales, and grow.