Returns Management.

No matter how much you try to avoid them, returns are inevitable. We can process your eCommerce returns quickly and painlessly.


Returns made easy.

There are many reasons why a customer may want to return an item; it could be a size issue, a manufacturing fault, or a disliked gift. If you anticipate and prepare for these issues before they arise, you can reduce the risk of losing customers due to frustration over the returns process.

A successful returns management strategy could be the key to keeping your customers happy and loyal to your brand. Elovate can help you streamline your returns process, not just to improve customer satisfaction, but also to set your business apart from competitors.

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eCommerce Returns Management

At Elovate, we know that it’s essential for your eCommerce business to have an efficient returns management system in place.


As soon as your customer returns arrive at our warehouse, we’ll process them.

We make the process quick and efficient by simply scanning the barcode on the customer’s dispatch note to return the order to the system. Even if the customer has not returned the original dispatch note, we can still search by order number, name, or postcode to process the return.

Stock Management

If a customer return is in resalable condition, we’ll put it straight back into stock.

This minimises the delay between an item being returned and it being purchased by a different customer, maximising efficiency, and ensuring your products stay in stock.

Alternatively, you can choose to manage this process through our online portal. If you want to handle a specific return or check stock yourself, you can do that too.

Complaint Handling

With returns sometimes come complaints, and some customers may require more attention than others.

Elovate can handle the entire process, including complaints, refunds, and any other complications. If you’d like to make a personal response to a customer, that’s fine too.

Our eCommerce contact centre is trained to provide friendly, calm and controlled interactions with your customers, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Why Elovate?

Elovate doesn’t just handle your returns; we manage the entire order fulfilment process for you. From start to finish, we’ll give you total visibility and control over your orders, whilst handling the parts that slow you down.

We offer 99.99% pick accuracy so you can rest assured that your customers will receive the right product first time, reducing returns due to fulfilment errors. Whatever the reason for returning an item, our team will ensure your customers are completely satisfied throughout the process.

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