Pack Fulfilment.

We prepare and fulfil packs in-house for clients of all sizes, including household names.


Your one-stop shop for pack fulfilment.

‘Pack fulfilment’ is a service Elovate offers to both charities and eCommerce businesses who need to send out several pieces of information to customers or supporters. For example, a pack could contain printed communications such as a welcome letter, membership card, monthly newsletter, product catalogue, flyer, or postcard.

The pack might also contain other merchandise or small items capable of fitting into an envelope, such as a car sticker, keyring, t-shirt, pack of seeds, bag for life, or similar. We can print many of the contents in-house using our personalised Print on Demand facility and store the components in one of our warehouses. When packs are requested, we’ll collate all the components before sending them out to your customers or supporters. Simple!

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Pack Fulfilment Solutions

Reinforce your brand and values at every touchpoint of the customer or supporter journey with bespoke packs.

The Process

Getting started with pack fulfilment is quick and easy. The process involves:

  1. Brief – A dedicated account manager, floor team and warehouse area will be assigned to your brand, working with you to ensure we meet your exact requirements.
  2. Training – You tell us what you want in your packs, and we’ll follow your instructions closely, providing specific training to our team on your brand and values.
  3. Communication – You’ll be kept up to date with regular, proactive communications from your account manager on the packs we fulfil for you.


Our technology powers fast and efficient pack fulfilment.

The printed portion of your packs can be produced in an instant thanks to our high-tech digital print workflows and Print on Demand facilities. When a customer or supporter becomes a ‘member’ or regular giver, for instance, this can trigger a membership pack to be printed out, and we’ll be alerted to collate the pack.

In addition, our advanced Warehouse Management System streamlines our fulfilment operations, ensuring there is always stock available of the items delivered with your printed communications and letting us know when it’s running low.


We offer bespoke packaging as part of our pack fulfilment service, including:

  • Branded packs, labels & more
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Pillow envelopes/boxes
  • Personalised printed inserts
  • Luxury packaging
  • Gift bags/boxes, tins & more

Why Elovate?

At Elovate, we offer a comprehensive pack fulfilment service, not just storing the pack components but picking and collating them, then dispatching them to your customers or supporters. With over 13 years of experience collating a wide range of packs, we know what we’re doing.

Whether you want branded or plain packaging, we offer plenty of personalisation options to make the packs bespoke to your brand and address your customer or supporter needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can Elovate your pack fulfilment.

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