Contact Centre.

Elovate is your omnichannel eCommerce partner. We give you a holistic view of every channel as we deliver personalised Contact Centre services.


Your Contact Centre partner.

Our omnichannel Inbound Contact Centre is all about response. We use your brand’s voice (whether written or spoken) when we respond to your customers. Through this approach, we can provide added value and help you strengthen your brand, equipping you with two vital weapons.

Elovate’s state-of-the-art software provides our advisers with a single view of a customer’s entire history across every channel, plus the ability to leave notes for future conversations. This ensures we can provide tailored responses that meet customer needs.

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Contact Centre Support

Partner with Elovate for your omnichannel response management to stay at the cutting edge of customer service.

Customer Service

As your Contact Centre partner, we’ll support you with all aspects of customer service, including:

  • Day-to-day call handling
  • Order fulfilment
  • Payment processing
  • Returns
  • Complaints
  • Cross-selling
  • Upgrades

We’ll provide as much or as little support as you need, taking the strain during peak periods and helping your eCommerce business grow with every conversation.

Open 24/7

Our 80-seat Inbound Contact Centre is open seven days a week and can support you 24 hours a day.

We’re open 8am-8pm Saturday-Saturday and 9am-6pm Sunday but have the capacity to work 24 hours if you require around-the-clock services.

We understand that many eCommerce businesses have customers across the world, operating in different time zones, so whatever channel we are using to communicate with your customers, we’ll keep them connected 24/7.


Elovate can handle your communications through a variety of channels, providing a personal response quickly and efficiently.

Our channels include:

  • Phone – Customers can speak to a live agent quickly through our most popular channel, voice.
  • Email – Customer requests can be tracked and responded to quickly and accurately.
  • Social Media – Respond promptly to customer comments and take personal conversations offline.
  • Live Chat – Connect customers with experts or support teams through an online chat system.
  • SMS – Bypass lengthy IVRs to allow customers to reach agents directly via text.

Our system provides an omnichannel view of all customer interactions, reducing duplicated workloads and ensuring our agents have all the information they need.

Why Elovate?

Conversations aren’t incidents; they’re relationships. If you choose Elovate as your Contact Centre partner, we can help you build better relationships with your customers at a highly competitive price.

For your peace of mind, we offer quality assurance guaranteed and compliance as standard, as well as a dedicated account manager to make sure your eCommerce business is thriving. At Elovate, we don’t believe in standing still. Our technology is constantly improving and we’re always looking for ways to strengthen our services even more.

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