Virtual Gifts.

Virtual gifts are your charity’s new fundraising tool. Easy to set up with Elovate's flexible approach, we can help you increase supporter engagement.


Virtual gifts designed for you.

Virtual gifts are a win-win for both supporters and charities. They are also a great way of bringing your organisation’s work to life in a tangible, relevant and memorable way. For instance, who could forget a goat being sent in their name as a gift?

Many competitor platforms are simply a forced merger of their existing eCommerce and donation functionalities, leading to compromised performance. By contrast, Elovate’s virtual gift offering was designed from scratch by our in-house experts to increase sign-up donations, maximise Gift Aid, and provide the best supporter experience.

We can create, build, and manage your virtual gift webpage, and provide both an electronic and/or postal fulfilment service.

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Virtual Gift Solutions

We offer flexible, bespoke virtual gift solutions in your brand and tone of voice, handling every aspect of fulfilment too.


Our approach to virtual gifts is flexible and tailored to your needs. You can cherry pick the services you want, so you only pay for the support you really need.

Elovate can help your charity realise the power of virtual gifts, effortlessly improving your fundraising through our advanced technology. We build and manage your virtual gift pages in your brand and tone of voice, and to make life even easier for you, we handle the payment processing aspects too. Plus, real-time reporting functionality comes as standard.

Let us support you and your supporters in the fast-evolving virtual gifts marketplace, freeing you to focus on maximising your charity’s impact instead.

Bespoke Services

We can handle all aspects of virtual gifts transactions, providing a completely bespoke service for you and your supporters.

Let’s say that a supporter has purchased several virtual gifts in one transaction, to be sent to friends on their birthdays, all on different dates. The recipients are located at different addresses, some are receiving physical gifts as well as virtual, some just digital, and some a printed card as well… Elovate can handle all this seamlessly, ensuring each recipient gets exactly what the supporter ordered.

We can even empower you to edit your virtual gifts at the simple touch of a button.

Print Fulfilment

In addition to managing the online side of your virtual gifts, we can handle the digital print fulfilment aspects with ease.

Your supporters can add products from your online shop, such as Christmas cards, to their basket when purchasing a virtual gift. Elovate will then fulfil the whole order from our print hub efficiently and painlessly.

We’ll deliver a seamless supporter journey, whatever your requirements.

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Why Elovate?

We are charity experts with two decades of experience serving the third sector, so we understand exactly what can create the most impact for you. Whether you want help with regular virtual gift pages, one-off seasonal campaigns, or emergency appeals, we can provide as much or as little support as you need.

We understand that virtual gifts may be a new area for you or that you may just be short on time, so we’ll walk you through the process and provide technical backup and support whenever you need it. You can do as much as you like yourselves, or we can manage it all for you.

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