Response Handling.

Our response handling service provides flexibility, insight, and integration to meet the needs of your charity and supporters.


Flexible Response Handling.

Charity income is generated in many ways, both online and offline, from Direct Mail to donation pages. Regardless of how your campaigns work, you need to be able to process supporter responses effectively, whether it’s bank donations, letters, calls or emails.

Elovate can provide fast, accurate and secure response handling services for your charity from our dedicated response hub in Slough. We can manage all your supporter interactions efficiently with the help of our technology and experienced, approachable team.

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Response Handling Solutions

We deliver a high-tech service for even the most low-tech of fundraising channels.

Our Process

Our response handling process includes:

  • Mailroom Sortation: Our automated mail sorting system, using OCR scanning for printed and handwritten addresses, barcodes, and other unique identifiers, enables us to sort around 35,000 items per shift!
  • Post Opening: Our multi-skilled, dedicated team opens, sorts and batches large volumes of mail quickly and efficiently on our mail opening lines. We can even operate 24/7 during peak periods.
  • Scanning: We scan envelope contents and record them as digital images in our system, using barcode reading and OCR software to identify supporters in our database and read the information on the response.
  • Manual Capture and Validation: When required, our experienced operators can manually capture information and quality check it for improved accuracy. This is done in careful compliance with our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Direct Debits

We can handle Direct Debits for you, ensuring that your regular givers are onboarded, donations are collected, and a personalised response is sent swiftly.

You can rest assured that all data is managed securely, and with CRM integration, you’ll get real time insights into your payments and campaign performance.

We make the Direct Debit set-up process as quick and easy as possible for you and your supporters.

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Call Handling

Our highly trained contact centre team can deliver day-to-day supporter services, managing responses across multiple channels.

We will ensure that every interaction with your supporters is pleasant and memorable, whether communicating by voice, email, SMS, webchat, or social media messaging. You even have the option for supporters to interact with the same person to build stronger relationships.

When we answer your calls, we’ll speak in your voice.

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Donation Processing

Once your donations are received, we manage every step of your payment processing and work closely with you to send personalised supporter responses.

Our scalable, high-volume donation processing technology combines manual and automated data capture to support all your campaign requirements, no matter how complex.

Elovate can help provide a cost-effective, simple and supporter-led donation experience.

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We offer efficient and secure banking solutions to help your charity maximise income and achieve your objectives.

At Elovate, we process donations for some of the nation’s largest charities, banking huge sums and opening high volumes of donation forms in our on-site mailroom. We keep everything in-house.

Our IT infrastructure for banking is ISO 27001 certified, secure and reliable. We continually invest in our technology to ensure we’re well-equipped to assist your cause.

Gift Aid Capture

We offer a Gift Aid Capture service to make it easy for charities to claim eligible Gift Aid donations on responses that may otherwise have been missed.

Let your supporters verify whether they are Gift Aid eligible or not with our simple online Gift Aid Capture page. Elovate will set up your page, provide secure donor verification, and make sure all communications to your supporters are just right.

As well as helping you collect an extra 25% on eligible donations, we also capture contact details so you can keep your CRM up to date. Gift Aid communications can be sent out to your database quickly and efficiently via email, or by post if you prefer.

Why Elovate?

Whether you are looking to outsource your response handling for the first time, or thinking about switching supplier, we understand how important this decision is for your business and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Elovate works as an extension of your team, making sure you have all the information and input you need to assess how your campaign is performing. Our technology, which runs through the heart of our operation, provides you with the visibility you need to ensure your fundraising goals are met.

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