Digital Print Fulfilment.

We offer digital print fulfilment to help you communicate with your supporters at the right time, in the right way, in your voice.


Fast Digital Print Fulfilment.

Using high-speed digital printing equipment and print production software, we can send thank you letters, membership packs and other supporter communications in-house from our state-of-the-art print hub.

We can print documents on demand, giving your charity flexibility. You’ll have total visibility and control of your supporter communications and the data we process, accessed through our user-friendly portal.

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Digital Print Fulfilment Solutions

We ensure a seamless and pain-free supporter journey through our digital print fulfilment solutions.

Print on Demand

Streamline the print process with Print on Demand. Whether it’s digital or on paper, Elovate can communicate exactly what you need.

Our Print on Demand service enables you to trigger communications after specific actions, for example when a supporter donates or commits to regular giving. Printing in-house helps us to keep your costs down and provide a superfast turnaround.

There’s no need to hold, store or pay for physical items in advance too, as it’s all ‘on demand’ – this helps you reduce wastage, save money, and increase efficiency.

Personalised Print

Make the supporter experience memorable with personalised print communications.

Personalisation can help add value, increase brand recognition, and improve supporter relations for your charity.

Supporters are more likely to recognise your charity’s brand and interact with you if they receive a personalised experience. This can then lead to repeat donations, referrals, and even fundraising campaigns.

Digital Workflows

Our digital print fulfilment services are backed up by high-tech digital workflows.

We can offer digital Print on Demand and variable data-driven print, as well as web to print and dynamic publishing. 2D barcodes ensure print reconciliation and reduce the likelihood of collation errors.

Our digital presses can run full colour duplex on stock up to 400gsm, and we have full finishing capabilities, including specialist creasing and folding.

In addition, if you’d like to communicate something digitally, we can send email or SMS communications in an instant, saving on print and postal costs.

Print Hub

Everything is delivered in-house from our state-of-the-art print hub, home to our high-speed digital printing equipment and print production software.

This provides the following benefits for your charity and supporters:

  • A seamless and pain-free supporter journey
  • The best brand experience possible for your supporters
  • The best product at the best price point
  • Total visibility and control through our user-friendly software

Why Elovate?

Our digital print fulfilment solutions help charities maximise income, reduce waste, and enhance supporter care.

Elovate keeps everything in-house, continually investing in our IT infrastructure to ensure we are well-equipped to assist your cause. Not only does this enable us to provide efficient, personalised responses to your supporters, but also to nurture your supporter journey.

We’re proud to have supported some of the best-known charities and most worthwhile causes in the UK with their fulfilment requirements.

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