Donations. Dealt with.

Thanks to our highly innovative, award-winning tech, we’re able to take care of all of your charity needs. Whether it’s online donations or responses, we have it totally dealt with.

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We are
charity experts.

Our experience in the charity sector is extensive, and our knowledge vast, so you can rest assured that your charity is in safe hands with Elovate. We have all the resources you need to make your campaigns successful.

Our charity expertise, along with our significant investment in technology, means we can offer unrivalled campaign management and support across a wide range of operational services.

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Elovate your

The creation of Elovate introduces the UK’s largest dedicated fundraising services provider, delivering a combination of support services essential to your charity’s campaign success.

  • Response Handling
  • Digital Print Fulfilment
  • Online Donations
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Direct Debit Service
  • Contact Centre
  • GivingPay
  • Charity Fulfilment
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Services just right for you.

Our services support your campaigns in the way that suits you best. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen with a bespoke plan to get your campaigns up and running at lightning speed.

Response Handling

Our response handling service provides flexibility, insight and integration to meet the needs of your charity and your supporters.

We combine traditional postal response handling with optimised QR online donations, giving you complete visibility of fundraising campaign responses, for both offline and online giving.

Offline, we manage your post – opening, scanning and banking your donations. Online, we establish optimised online donation pages to enable your donations to securely roll in.

Once your donations are received, we manage every step of your payment processing and work closely with you to create and send your personalised supporter thank yous.

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Digital Print Fulfilment

Our warehouse and print hubs have the capacity and technology to flexibly fulfil your supporter communications needs.

Thanking, membership packs, and enhanced supporter communications are all part of our in-house digital print-on-demand services.

We work with you to understand what you need, and to create digital workflows with seamless and speedy print and distribution.

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Online Donations

Our bespoke and branded online donation pages blend with your website, reflecting your charity’s identity and communication style.

Above all, we provide your supporters with a great experience with the choices they’re looking for and an easy donation process.

We take the stress out of all of the payment types you offer to your supporters, making sure the necessary integrations work efficiently, maximising the value of each one for your charity.

Benefit from a superior, yet cost-effective, supporter-led donation experience that provides a simple and efficient way for people to support your cause and interact with you.

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Virtual Gifts

If you don’t offer gifts, why not?! It’s a great fundraising tool that provides another way for supporters to give and interact.

With a host of online virtual gift experiences available – from fully digital to multi-channel – we work with you, and your creative agency, to build an inspirational buying journey for your supporters.

We’ll create your own bespoke online virtual gift page, ensuring it represents your brand and tone of voice.

Supporters can gift a payment, send a virtual or physical gift, and interact with you. It’s an effective way to build new relationships and expand your fundraising reach.

What’s more, we manage the whole process, leaving you free to focus on your fundraising.

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Direct Debit Service

Our Direct Debit processing and management service is specifically designed for the charity sector.

It gives you the assurance that regular givers are onboarded, donations are collected and thank you communications swiftly follow.

We work flexibly around your requirements, with secure and continuous Direct Debit collection and management that offers CRM integration and provides valuable real-time insight into your payments and campaign performance.

Our simple online sign-up process offers self-serve options, making it easy for your supporters to increase their gift value themselves, and to control their own communications preferences. More control gives supporters more confidence in their relationship with you, and saves you, and them, valuable time and effort.

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Contact Centre

Each and every interaction with your supporters should be a pleasant and memorable one.

Our friendly and empathetic interactions are delivered by our highly trained and UK-based team. We know how vital it is to give an experience that represents your charity, whether we are taking a donation, answering a supporter query, managing event participants, handling an emergency appeal, or taking a charity eCommerce order.

Our contact centre offers voice, SMS, email, webchat and social messaging solutions, with optional features that allow supporters to interact with the same person, or have video chats to build stronger relationships.

Using the latest technology designed around the supporter experience, we constantly review key performance measurements to ensure efficiency and quality levels.

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Our card merchant product, GivingPay, makes payment processing easy for your charity.

Designed by charity payment experts, GivingPay offers a whole host of benefits, from competitive rates with no hidden surprises, to omnichannel processing, 24/7 visibility, and much more.

It’s quick and easy to get set up with GivingPay. The Elovate team will walk you through the process and provide ongoing support as you continue to use the platform.

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