Get to know Elovate.

Telebank, Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, CommittedGiving and Thorn Distribution have combined to form Elovate, a unique organisation offering exceptional fulfilment and charity services.

Our mission.

Our belief at Elovate is simple, we’re here to empower, inspire and therefore elevate our clients, staff and partners to achieve greatness. It’s a truly integrated spirit.

At Elovate we get that every business is one of a kind, and what our clients need is a partner who matches this type of energy. Our leading state-of-the-art tech paired with a personable, supportive human touch is the perfect blend of all the best bits and none of the chaff. This combination is what helps us speak our clients’ language without any of the waffle, jargon or faff.

It’s what makes us stand out from the crowd, and helps put our clients in pole position throughout their business journey.

Our values.

As an organisation, our personality is a direct reflection of our values. Our special model, which combines a human touch and tech, makes Elovate truly unique.

We are straight-talking, empowering and caring. Not waffly, patronising or rigid.

  • Committed to quality.

    We empower, support and trust our people to provide the highest service standards for every client. Our culture of respect, honesty, and integrity means that we never settle for ‘it’s good enough’.

  • One unique team.

    We encourage our people to feel empowered so that everyone can achieve brilliance. We recognise that working together in a clear and open manner means we can have a much bigger impact in what we do.

  • Celebrate inclusivity.

    We strive for a supportive and inclusive culture that values everyone’s contributions. We believe that diverse thoughts, perspectives and backgrounds create a dynamic environment that contributes to our collective success.

  • Love what we do.

    We focus on providing a positive, inspiring and enjoyable working life for all. We want everyone to feel welcome and confident, and feel they can flourish, both personally and professionally.

  • Amaze everyone.

    We’re a passionate team that takes pride in our work and the relationships we build with clients, staff and partners. We know we have the skills and commitment to support our clients and deliver outstanding results.