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Next3PL Australia

We are proud to announce our partnership with Next3PL, a leading logistics company based in Australia. If you are looking to expand your e-commerce business to Australia, Next3PL is a fantastic company to consider partnering with.

We will be joining them at the Retail Supply Chain Logistics Expo at ExCel in London on the 27th and 28th of February. It’s a great opportunity to meet us and get introduced to the team at Next3PL.

Next3PL is committed to saving you time and money. They understand the daily challenges businesses face in fulfilling orders on time and accurately. That’s why over 130 eCommerce brands from over 20 countries around the world have chosen Next3PL as their fulfillment provider.

We look forward to seeing you at the ExCel on the 27th and 28th of February!

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Keeping Your Information Secure Through Elovate’s Vigilant Data Protection Practices

Data breaches can have significant consequences for individuals and organisations alike, these include:

  • Financial losses: Dealing with a breach requires significant financial resources. Costs include incident response, legal fees, customer notifications, and potential fines.
  • Operational disruption: Breaches disrupt normal business operations, affecting productivity and efficiency.
  • Reputation damage: Public awareness of a breach can harm a company’s reputation, eroding trust among customers, partners, and investors.
  • Legal and regulatory challenges: Companies may face lawsuits, regulatory investigations, and penalties.
  • Loss of customer confidence: Customers may abandon the company due to privacy concerns.

Clients of Elovate can be assured that we go above and beyond to ensure that your customer and supporter data is secure – whether that’s personal information, such as names and addresses, or financial data, such as credit card details.  

We have demonstrated our commitment by implementing various security controls and measures to safeguard our assets, internal data, and client data. Below, we outline the main accreditations that we’re proud to be awarded and explain what the main differences are.

Our accreditations: ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Elovate achieves ISO/IES 27001:17 security certification for the contact centre, web-based order fulfilment solution, and various services including response management, warehouse, and distribution of products including medical products for clients across the UK.

Our compliance with ISO certification is certified by the British Assessment Bureau. It offers United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification, and it is the only government-backed body for ISO certification in the United Kingdom. 

ISO/IEC 27001 is a security standard that formally specifies an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is intended to bring information security under explicit management control. As a formal specification, it mandates requirements that define how to implement, monitor, maintain, and continually improve the ISMS. It also prescribes a set of best practices that include documentation requirements, divisions of responsibility, availability, access control, security, auditing, and corrective and preventive measures.

Our accreditations: ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is a globally-recognised standard for quality management. It helps organisations of all sizes and sectors to improve their performance, meet customer expectations, and demonstrate their commitment to quality. Its requirements define how to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a quality management system (QMS). Implementing ISO 9001 means an organisation effective processes and trained staff in place to deliver flawless products or services time after time.

Elovate achieved our first ISO 9001 certification in 2011, and we continue to comply with all the requirements mentioned in the standard. Currently, ISO 9001 certification scope includes a contact centre, web-based order fulfilment solution, and various services including response management, warehouse, and distribution of products and medical products for clients across the UK.

As with the above ISO/IES 27001:17, our compliance is certified by the British Assessment Bureau with UKAS certification. 

Our accreditations: PCI: DSS v3.2.1

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card or debit card information, maintain a secure environment. It helps to protect the cardholder data that your customers and donors share with us during payment and reduces the risk of payment card fraud by increasing security controls around cardholder data.

Cardholder security is a top priority for Elovate. External QSA (Qualified Security Assessors) from leading cyber security consultancy, Security Risk Management (SRM), have assessed our card processes and we are proud to be a PCI-compliant payment processor that invests in tools and technology to protect cardholder data.

Our commitment to safeguarding data

At Elovate, we take information security and data privacy extremely seriously. By complying with the PCI DSS standard, we demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding our customers’ credit card data. These measures protect against theft and fraudulent use on the internet. Furthermore, Elovate ensures the security of sensitive data and personal information, helping prevent credit card misuse and costly data breaches.

Additionally, by achieving ISO security standards, Elovate has established a structured approach to handling client data stored in our systems. This baseline increases trust between Elovate and our clients, assuring all of our stakeholders that their personal information is safe from malicious hackers.

If you have any questions about our commitment to data security, please contact us today.

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Matthew Curtis
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Welcoming Matthew to Elovate

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Elovate family – the talented Matthew Curtis as our new Sales Director – eCommerce Division.

Matthew joins us with an impressive background, holding both a degree and an MBA and boasting not one but TWO recognitions at the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing awards! His commitment to excellence and continuous learning is truly admirable.

With a wealth of experience leading Sales teams, Divisions, and entire Organisations in the Chemicals, Coatings, and Construction products sectors, Matthew has left an indelible mark on the industry. 

His strategic expertise shines through in his role as a key player in landing multi-million-pound contracts, as well as devising and executing successful strategies, including re-structures and turnarounds. 

“I’m really excited to be leading the e commerce sales team at Elovate, we’re a click to click solutions provider that takes care of everything thing from when you customer clicks to buy until they click to leave you an outstanding review”

Matthew’s journey includes stints at industry giants such as Akzo Nobel, Saint Gobain, Hilti, Jotun & Trimo, showcasing his adaptability and ability to thrive in diverse corporate landscapes. 

At Elovate, we are eager to leverage Matthew’s extensive expertise as we embark on a new chapter. His vision aligns seamlessly with ours, and we look forward to achieving new heights together. 

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Matthew! 

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Amazon integration – a simple and effective way to boost your business success

If you’re looking for an easy way to boost your online sales, you might want to consider our Amazon Marketplace integration service. This is a feature that allows you to connect your Elovate account with your Amazon seller account and manage your orders from both platforms, in one place.

There are two main types of integrations that we offer at Elovate:

  • Amazon FBM (fulfilled by merchant): This means that you receive orders from Amazon customers and fulfil them yourself using Elovate. You have more control over the shipping and handling process, and you can save on fees and logistics costs that Amazon would charge you otherwise.
  • Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon): This means that you send your products to an Amazon fulfilment centre, which takes care of storing, picking, packing, and delivering them to your customers. You also benefit from the Amazon Prime programme, which can boost your sales and customer satisfaction.
Top Q&A facts about Amazon integration
Who is a typical Amazon Marketplace user?

Anyone with a product to sell can benefit from selling on Amazon. From books to bedding, socks to scissors and everything else in between, you can find a niche and a market for it on Amazon!

Why should I use this service?

By integrating your Elovate account with Amazon, you can access the largest online marketplace in the world and reach millions of potential customers. You can also simplify your order management process and avoid having to switch between different platforms.

How easy is it to set up?

It’s very easy! All you need is an access code from Amazon, which you can get from your seller account settings. Then, you enter the code in your Elovate account and start syncing your products and orders.

Do I need to do anything differently?

No, you don’t need to change anything about your products or pricing. All of the orders that you receive from Amazon will flow directly into your Elovate system, to be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

What about Amazon Prime?

No problem! At Elovate we also support Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). This is the Prime program that allows you to deliver directly to Prime customers using Elovate’s fulfilment service. By displaying the Prime badge, you are committing to fulfil orders with approved carriers.  FBA and SFP are complementary and, when used together, will help you boost sales and maximize your Prime products. For products unsuitable for FBA that are slow-moving or have unpredictable demand, SFP will enable the use of Elovate’s fulfilment capabilities and enable you to list more products as Prime.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Elovate can support your business through Amazon Marketplace integration, please contact us today.

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Elovate PCI Audit 2023

Another Triumph in Compliance. 

As the curtains close on another year, it is great to kick start 2024 with positive news that deserves celebration. Today marks a significant milestone for our organisation as our external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), SRM, officially signed off our PCI compliance version 3.2.1. After navigating through a rigorous couple of weeks of audit, we can proudly say that our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cardholder data security has paid off. 

Alastair Fell, Commercial Director: As we reflect on a year of significant investment in our technology platforms, it is vital we ensure that all areas of our business operate to the highest level of compliance. PCI compliance is critical to maintaining secure cardholder payment environments for our clients and their customers and I am delighted that we have evidenced our safe systems and processes for another year”  

Expanded Scope for Comprehensive Compliance 

This achievement comes on the heels of an expanded scope that now covers the physical locations in both York and Slough, our contact centre, post rooms and data capture operations across the group. The scope of audit also certifies the new systems, network and infrastructure involved in processing cardholder data. This broadened scope demonstrates our dedication to not only meeting the compliance requirements for PCI DSS, but going above and beyond to safeguard sensitive information across various facets of our organisation. 

Acknowledging the Efforts of All 

Undertaking such a comprehensive audit is no small feat, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the collective efforts of our dedicated team. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone involved in the development and ongoing maintenance of our systems and infrastructure and the audit process. 

Looking Ahead: Version 4 and Beyond 

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new one, our focus shifts towards the future. The next step on our compliance journey involves gearing up for version 4 of the PCI DSS, which is scheduled for assessment next December.

Embracing Change and Growth 

Our continuous engagement with compliance is not just a checkbox exercise; it’s a dynamic process that requires adaptability, education and a commitment to evolving security standards. Elovate is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that our systems, processes, and people are aligned with the latest industry best practices. 

In Conclusion 

Amidst the completion of many significant projects of the past year, the successful PCI compliance stands as a testament to our continued investment and commitment to information security and the highest levels of compliance.

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Happy New Year from elovate 2024
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Hello 2024. Happy New Year

We extend our warmest wishes to all our clients, partners, staff, and suppliers for a year filled with happiness, prosperity, and good health. 

A century ago

This week, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on events from a century ago and draw parallels with the present in our conversations. 

  • One notable occurrence was the closure of Ellis Island as an immigration entry point to the US. Interestingly, in this election year, the topic of immigration remains a hot issue, especially as the UK government explores the possibility of opening immigration centres outside the UK. 
  • A century ago, the first Winter Olympics took place in Chamonix, France. While there are no Winter Olympics this year, we eagerly anticipate cheering on Team GB at the Summer Olympics in the same country. 
  • The strikes by London train crews a century ago resonate with the collective hope for a disruption-free year on our rail networks following the strikes of the past year. Fingers crossed for smoother journeys ahead! 
  • In historical geopolitics, Saint Petersburg, Russia, was renamed Leningrad, and the UK formally recognized the Soviet Union. Sadly, Russia and Ukraine remain in the news, with no apparent resolution to the ongoing conflicts in sight. 
  • Turning to cultural developments, the Sunday Express published its first British crossword puzzle a century ago, and this tradition continues to thrive both online and offline. 
  • The world has come a long way from the first photo facsimile sent across the Atlantic from London to New York. Today, platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others allow us to share images and videos globally in a matter of seconds. 
  • Lastly, a glimpse into the past reveals the most popular baby names with Mary, Dorothy, Helen, Betty and Margaret for girls and Robert, John, William, James, and Charles for boys. Interestingly, Charles is the only name poised to endure this year, while Olivia, Emma, Liam, and Noah are predicted to maintain their popularity in 2024. 

As we step into the new year, let’s continue to embrace change, celebrate progress and work together for a brighter future.  

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Peak season and important dates!

We’re bang in the middle of the year’s busiest period for both our charity and eCommerce clients.

So we’re sharing an update on how we’re adapting our work to meet your needs during this demanding time.

For our eCommerce customers, we know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are crucial sales periods for your businesses. For our charity customers, we understand how vital it is for you to engage with your supporters in the lead up to the festive period.

Increasing capacity

We’re expecting our client volumes to increase by up to 90%, so we’ve taken several steps to ensure we continue to provide you with the best possible service during Peak season.

We’ve temporarily expanded our team with 80 new positions to provide extra support until the end of 2023. We’ve also extended our warehouse shifts to run from 6am to 8pm on weekdays, and added new weekend shifts.  You may also notice an increase in contact from our Client Services Team, which is busy making calls to help campaigns run as smoothly as possible. 

What can you do?

With such an increase in volumes, it’s important that we receive your campaign forecasts as early as possible and that these are updated with any new projected figures regularly.

These updates help us plan our warehouse and pack fulfilment resourcing, meaning we can stay one step ahead of your needs.

Please do stay in touch with your Client Managers with your forecasts, or if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Seasonal opening hours

Our Christmas deadlines and opening hours for the Christmas and New Year period are below.

Please note that for delivery before Christmas Day in the UK, we need to receive your orders by 4pm on 15th December 2023 at the latest.

Warehouse – Goods In
  • 22nd December, open 7am – 12pm
  • Closed Bank Holidays, also 25th – 26th December
  • Deliveries received 08:00-16:00 on 27th – 29th December
  • 29th December, open 7am – 12pm
  • Business as usual from 2nd January
Warehouse – Production
  • 22nd December, working 7am – 12pm
  • Closed Bank Holidays and 25th – 26th December
  • Normal cut-off applies 27th – 29th December
  • 29th December, open 7am until 2pm
  • Business as usual from 2nd January
Office / Charity Response Service
  • Business as usual except during national Bank Holidays and weekends

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Supporting the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

Elovate was a proud IFAW sponsor at its recent annual Party for a Porpoise event, held, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This year’s party was extra-special as the charity celebrates a quarter of a century of helping and protecting marine life through its marine rescue programme.

IFAW’s marine programs has seen three recent developments. Firstly, the expansion of its training and education programme, the Center for Excellence. Secondly, the opening of a new rehab centre in Orleans, which will rehabilitate injured dolphins and then release them back to the ocean and, thirdly, expanding its Northern Atlantic Right Whale work.

Our CEO, Duncan, was pleased to represent Elovate at the event and hear about the charity’s vital work in action. He said: “We’ve been a partner of IFAW for many years and it was great to finally make it ‘across the pond’ and learn more as it celebrates 25 years of its marine rescue work. All of us at Elovate wish IFAW the best of luck for the next 25 years!”

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New Elovate systems and tools

Over the past few months, our teams have been busy working behind the scenes to ensure that we provide you with the best service possible across several new systems and tools. 

If you’re one of our response clients, you will have been migrated to MiWorld, our new integrated system which brings improved efficiency and enhanced functionality by bringing fulfilment, account management, customer service and insight into one, simple to use platform.

We have also migrated clients to an improved warehouse management system, Orderwise, which replaces our previous system, AMO.

Both migrations will provide a more effective service and we’ll now be able to roll out constant improvements that will benefit you. If you are a user of these systems, we’d welcome your feedback. 

Sitting alongside Orderwise is another improvement, home 3PL, our online order portal which has been developed by our talented in-house digital team. home 3PL adds an extra layer of functionality, giving you greater control and flexibility when adding or editing orders.

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Improve Your Customer Experience and Grow

Customers have zero tolerance when it comes to a spiky online shopping experience.

Customers now expect and demand a perfectly smooth and efficient fulfilment experience, one where their online orders are delivered to them perfectly packaged, fully tracked, containing the right items, and arriving on time.

Customer satisfaction is a major factor in your e-commerce business’ success. Dissatisfied customers quickly convert into lost sales, higher returns and refunds, lower customer retention, and poor reviews. This, of course, spells disaster for your online business’ bottom line and growth.

By contrast, happy customers who have a great customer-centred experience at all touchpoints of their customer journey will give you:

Badly packaged parcels, damaged goods, inaccurate orders, late deliveries, and bad tracking are just some examples that can ruin the trust between you and your customer. A poor returns service on top can prove to be the final straw, leaving valued customers running in the direction of your competitor. Just one bad experience can lose you customers; make two mistakes and almost 60% will never come back!

Our fulfilment services are designed to support you to deliver a perfect fulfilment experience at every touchpoint, leading to excellent reviews and great customer retention.

How We Elevate Your Customer’s Experience

1) We take care of order fulfilment from A-Z so you can take care of your customer instead

Our award-winning fulfilment solutions are driven by technology and our advanced warehouse management system. We take care of all the time-consuming logistical processes, leaving you with space and time to totally focus on optimising your customers’ experience.

2) We help you optimise your operations

We have the necessary systems, people, and processes in place to speed up the delivery process and impress your customers with the efficiencies they rightly expect from their e-commerce shopping.

Our systems give you a window into every stage of the fulfilment process, allowing you full control and visibility over your stock levels. You get to see and edit your customer orders in real-time; you can produce marketing reports from our user-friendly portal 24/7, and you have full control over your stock. We deal with the time-consuming and tricky logistical aspects of storage, picking, packing, and dispatch, giving you space to focus on optimising your internal operations and taking control of your stock.

3) We help you grow

Fulfilment sounds easy. Goods come into the warehouse, we pack them, and they go out. It is however time-consuming and easy to get wrong if you don’t have the right systems in place to ensure accuracy, proper packaging, cost-efficiencies, and swift dispatch.

We have pick accuracy rates of 99.99%, and 100% of our forecasted orders are dispatched on the same day as they were ordered. We also negotiate the best rates with over 20 couriers to ensure best prices. And we also handle your customer’s returns, a significant and often overlooked aspect of providing a good customer experience.

By freeing you up from the hands-on practical aspects of logistics, we free your time so you can focus on your growth strategy and scaling your business.

4) Information is power, and we are driven by data

Information is power, and our systems provide you with all the right data for building a customer experience that aligns with your customers’ needs. Our dedicated, experienced account managers are e-commerce experts and their job is to support your growth and success.

We give you access to our user-friendly 3PL portal, providing you with the technical information and insights you need to succeed. Because our systems are state-of-the-art, you won’t need to invest in expensive systems of your own.

We understand how tricky it is for businesses to achieve great customer satisfaction levels when customer expectations are now sky-high. This is precisely why our solutions address your online business’ every pain point. Our award-winning solutions are designed to be painless, and will help you:

  • Optimise your operations
  • Delight your customers
  • And Grow your sales

Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve the perfect customer experience needed to grow your sales. We will help you optimise your operations, delight your customers, and grow your business.

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